VAC-A-BEE Bee Vacuum System


The VAC-A-BEE system is an innovative product that allows you, the Beekeeper, to safely relocate bees. The VAC-A-BEE is a new vacuum system design for catching swarms with a low mortality rate. Take advantage of the easy interchangeable inner capture boxes system when capturing big swarms.   You can safely relocate bees without overheating and undue stress.

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New! The VAC-A-BEE Pro self-contained bee capturing system has arrived! With this simple design, the extraction or capturing of swarms has never been easier. This lightweight machine is perfect for reaching those hard to reach spots, making it a must have for hobbyists and professionals alike. 

Enjoy peace of mind when facing a challenge in capturing Honey Bees.  The VAC-A-BEE vacuum allows you to capture bees and transport them without worry. Each unit is hand-crafted and tested for quality in the heart of Missouri.

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